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They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and from all over the world! Come to Haiti and
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We believe that there are missionaries in every church that will be willing to contribute some personal time to the mission in Haiti.

How to Be Educated

Why does the Beehive have an international arm? We believe that every member of God’s Church has the deep desire to serve others and be willing to contribute some personal time to the mission in Haiti. We especially encourage those that have been trained by the Beehive as to travel to the mission in Haiti. A wise man once said “The best way to encourage people to prepare for Christ’s soon return is to give them an example of HIS Blueprint in action.” Please help us to create that Blueprint through caring for the sick, the fatherless, and widows in Haiti.

Participating Organizations

Loma Linda University
Hopital Adventiste (The SDA Hospital in Carrefour, Haiti)
UNAH Universite (The SDA University in Carrefour, Haiti)
Amistad International
Restore a Child
God’s Heart for Haiti
Bass Memorial Academy
The Margaret Friar Haiti Children’s Fund
The Team Redwood Mission Group
Relief for Kids in Haiti
The Embalage Adventiste
Upward Bound Ministries
The ASPD Orphanage
The ASCASH Orphanage
The AEIH Orphanage and School
Gideon Rescue Company
Race for Haitian Children
Advent Hope Church Atlanta
Generation Loud Cry
Faithful Path International Ministries
Southern Adventist University
Alpharetta Seventh-day Adventist Church