As a part of the international focus of the Beehive, there is an outreach effort in Carrefour, Haiti to educate the people to be self-sufficient through agriculture, while building structures for training and education along those lines. This effort has grown from being guests at the Adventist Hospital in Carrefour, Haiti to having an individual mission destination, thanks to donations and efforts of our missionary-minded staff there. The donations received thus far have helped to set up a wood shop using only recycled wood, a seed bank, nursery, guest rooms, kitchen, and a general base of operations in which the rent has been paid for one year. The organization in Haiti also supports 6 orphanages in two cities to contribute to the well-being and growth of the young people there. In addition, there is a 30-acre plot of farmland about two hours north of Port-Au-Prince that is being developed, with 20 more acres that will be surveyed as soon as funds are available. This plot of land will go a long way in helping the people of the country to be self-sufficient through agricultural means.

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