Walla Walla University selected The Beehive Global, Inc. to be this year’s recipient of their Global Service Mission Project fundraiser; to construct the first vocational classroom at “The Pearl”, in Bohoc, Haiti. The School of Carpentry broke ground in March of 2018. Click here to view Carpentry Classroom Photos


Please help us expand our wood shop classroom. Happy customers all over Haiti. Get your orders in now! New products coming out of our pallet wood shop classroom everyday here in Carrefour. Contact us today and let us build something awesome for you!

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“Much of the work will have to be made self-supporting. There is more to do in a short time than can be done if men wait to be sent and paid for their work. A self-supporting worker is to have your encouragement.” (An Appeal to SDA’s to Fulfill Their Duty to the South, Page 11)

“Many young people will come to school who desire a training in industrial lines. The industrial instruction should include the keeping of accounts, carpentry, and everything that is comprehended in farming.” TESTIMONIES FOR THE CHURCH VOLUME 6, PAGE 182