Sherry-Lynne Bredy

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For a couple of years my husband and I have been communicating with Jonathan Euler, the Director of International Development for The Beehive International, Inc. in Haiti, and following their progress. God had put it in my heart this past year to actually go there and support from close up, not just from here in the USA. So I discussed it with my husband and invited our friends to be a part of it. Though many people wanted to join us, we decided we needed to go first and see what the needs were at the Beehive. The end of October of 2017 our team of eight traveled to Haiti and was so blessed.

One of the couples on our team are doctors, so we decided to help with a medical clinic on the country property. We stayed at Bohoc for 6 days and saw over 200 people in four days at “The Pearl”. The husband is Haitian, which made it easier to treat the people and to educate them about health and what they need to do to get better. We also hiked out into the nearby village to help those who couldn’t come to the clinic. It was the doctors’ first time on a mission trip, let alone a medical mission trip. They both expressed their excitement in being there and helping the locals and their frustration on the limitation of medical supplies. It was a learning experience for them to think more about the needs of a medical missionary. But it has only increased their desire to come back and be even better prepared.

We also had a VBS program for the kids and had a special church service as well. My husband and our friend both are Haitian Americans and have not been back to Haiti since they were in their early teens. This was a great experience not just to return to Haiti but also to connect with the people in their own language. The women were in charge of the VBS program but none of us knew creole. We could have had a translator but decided to have our husbands take over the story and songs speaking in Creole. The people were so engaged and connected well with them. It was the first time I heard my husband speak Creole so fluently. We were more blessed than we could have imagined.

We met a missionary couple and their daughter who needed a break and came to Bohoc with us for a couple of days and became part of our mission team. They stayed the whole week to help us with our work. God knew we needed them and He knew they needed us to encourage them on their journey.  We were well taken care of by Jonathan and his amazing team. We have never eaten so well on a mission trip!  We are now ready to effectively plan our next trip and go back with more people next year!

Thank you Beehive International for the work that God has put in your hearts to do in Haiti.