SAU March 2017

We have “hit the ground running” as they say! Southern Adventist University brought 23 able bodied students who were ready to go on our first building project of 2017. After a very successful and spiritual rekindling experience at GYC, a few weeks of rest, and time with family and friends The Beehive International is back in the field.

We are building our long awaited outdoor kitchen–a 27’ x 31’ structure. It will replace the pallet/tarp facility we have been using for two years. While very “outdoorsy” it is time to replace this temporary structure with a permanent one and this is the perfect time. Why? Because we have a continuous flow of wonderful students arriving from first Southern, then Lodi, Andrews, and Loma Linda who are ready to do their part in the construction process.

SAU helped to complete the foundation and it looks terrific! 22 students arrive from Lodi Monday, March 13, that are ready to take the next step. We have raised $8,000 to go toward this $15,000 project. More than halfway there, you can help complete this project by going to and clicking on the Donate Here link, as well as marking your tax-deductible contribution “Outdoor Kitchen.” Help us make use of these teams of laborers and finish another landmark on “The Pearl” property. The final step would be for you to come and enjoy it with us!!

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