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Jonathan Euler, Executive Director, Beehive Global, Inc.

Jonathan has been in Haiti full time for the last 11 years. He can answer any questions you may have about all our work including help you prepare for your upcoming volunteer trip to Haiti. Jonathan has a degree in International Business graduating from La Sierra University, La Sierra, CA, in 2005.

Jonathan married Nentz Orpha Marie on July 18, 2021. She is a Registered Nurse and now serves the organization as Chief Operating Engineer, as well as the principal of our Primary School.

To get to know Jonathan better, and learn how he became a missionary, watch this video to hear his sermon. 

Cynthia Euler, Secretary/Clerk, Beehive Global, Inc.

Cynthia has been the secretary for Beehive Global, Inc. for 7 years. Cynthia is a retired Dental Hygienist. She is easy to reach in the United States by email. She can help you with questions about your donations, promotional materials, tax receipts and other contact information. She has traveled to Haiti many times and can answer most in-country questions.

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